Our Story


Assisting Parents & Elderly INC (APE) is a nonprofit charity designed to help GODís children from the beginning to the end.  With my life experiences our Lord Jesus Christ brought to my attention that there are a large number of families that would prefer to raise their children in lieu of daycare and a large number of seniors that are home alone that just can't remember if they have eaten or take their medicines or not. My mother was in the same situation a few years ago and she was able to stay at home for another 5 years before going to the nursing home by simply having someone come by each day to help her. My sister was visiting me with her granddaughter and she was trying to decide about work and daycare.  She wanted to stay at home but her family needed the income that she was making. APE offers a safe, secure, reliable and monitored service that can help with life decisions.  We feel that mother or dads are the best person to raise children with love and security that will last a lifetime.  Who is better to give a family love, understanding and compassion than a senior that has already lived through lifeís troubles?    Most seniors like me would like to help out their communities that are in need but donít know how.  Families that need the help need money but most of all they need the love and understanding that an elderly can give them with the live experiences that they have lived through.  Families are faced today with not only who will take care of my child, but also who will take care of mother or dad.


We need your help in finding both families & seniors in Elmore County whom you feel will benefit from our program. Again thank you for all your support and any additional help you can provide.