What We Believe

ďOur past is what has molded our future for many years.  Our society has allowed us to take our past out.  Daycares were formed and Assisted livings were utilized.  With this we unknowingly started leaving our past behind.Ē


We are a community, faith, and most of all family based program and I would like to tell you the ways we cover all three.


  1. Community Based
    1. We work in one community
    2. We ask our community for help
    3. Work to make our community a large family
  2. Faith Based
    1. We allow GOD to guide us
    2. We use GODís teaching to lead us
    3. We pray for GODís wisdom in our program
  3. Family Based
    1. We want families to stay together
    2. We can give love & courage to our children
    3. We allow seniors to spread their knowledge



By only working in a small area we are able to utilize our workers better.  Our workers can & will visit the seniors home weekly and will be available at all times for any questions.  In past times grandparents pitched in & helped their children by watching their grand children while parents worked.  Through time we have lost those family connections. While putting those connections of seniors and children back together we feel we can also put faith back in the hearts of our young families.


Placing children with their parents can give them a feeling of stability and importance while offering seniors a chance to be a part of our futures and also feelings of importance. 


We feel our seniors want to give back to their community but are not sure of what or how to do so.  Well we offer a way for them to do this. By allowing seniors to offer their wisdom and knowledge they can give a gift that will last a lifetime. Ask yourselves who is better to teach our children than our seniors who have lived and experienced the past.


Our parents will benefits in several ways as well.  They will no longer have to worry about how their children are being taken care of.  They will have time with their children with our financial disrupts.  This means they can still earn an income while nurturing, loving, and caring for their child. This offers so much to our future by allowing the past back into our future. 


Our program has several benefits for our community. Beginning with our children; we can allow them to stay with their parents for the impressionable years.