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Meet Lynn & Wayne Hodgins of Wetumpka, Al.  Lynn's sister from Ohio called our office  on February 8th, 2010 and needed help with her blind sister & partially blind brother-in-law.  We conducted interviews and found a great match for the two of them.  Stephanie and her son were placed with the family on on march 3rd, 2010. Over a month later the families are still working together and doing great.  Wayne and the child have become great friends and Lynn & Stephanie work together to make sure the home is cleaned and meals are prepared for the times that she is not there.



We want to make other families as happy as we feel these families are.  Please contact us with any persons you feel can benefit from our program.  Also, please donate now and help us help other families like this in Elmore County.  Thank you for your time on our site and God Bless.